Lord Buddha Face Idol

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  • Material: Polyresin, Color: Brown, Lord Gautam Budhha Face Statue Placement: Suitable For Indoor Use, A POSITIVE IMPACT As per VASTU Methodology Religious Spiritual Idols or Showpieces Placed in North East Direction of Drawing/Living & Pooja Room Brings Wealth, Health, Peace & Happiness
  • Package Content: buddha head statue for home decor, decorative showpiece items for home decor & gift
  • A great product to give a beautiful and antique look to your home. This product is hand-painted. Its made by the finest, experienced and passionate artists. Made up of fine polyresin Enhance your home decor with the classy showpiece of Gautam buddha head statue. This symbol of peace is a beautiful addition to your living room, bedroom, office, as this posture speaks of serenity and calmness at its best and will only give you positive vibes every time you look at it.
  • Perfect product for a gift on the occasion of wedding, birthday, anniversary, office parties, house warming, new ventures, award ceremonies, Diwali, and festival gifts. A valuable personal collectible collection. Buddha Sculpture is a perfect Home Office Feng Shui Vastu Religious Spiritual Decorative accent. The magnificent form of this buddha idol creates a peacefulness, harmony, and spiritual ambiance filled with positive energy around us.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUR LOVED ONES – restful, meditating Buddha tabletop to an outdoor or indoor area of your home for a beautiful, serene accent.
  • Productdekh Buddha Face Idol Statue.
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This beautiful Lord Buddha Face Idol face or murti statue showpiece figurine is a wonderful gifting option for your friend’s house-warming party. Ideal to showcase it in your puja room or living room, And add a touch of Zen to your indoor and outdoor space with the Meditating Buddha Statue. This sculpture act as a great object of decoration for anyone’s surrounding. They radiate the feeling of peace and calm aura around you.

Gift this lord buddha face idol or murti charismatic decor to your family, friends, and loved ones! as a token of love and peace on any festival & occasion. Lord Gautam Buddha Face imparts peace and serenity to its immediate surroundings. The idols of Buddha are believed to bring success and prosperity at home. Feng Shui states that the Buddha  Face can be placed facing the main door to increase the level of positive energy and bring luck and wealth to your home. Place the idol facing the east for enhanced harmony and happiness. It is regarded as auspicious and brings peace and serenity to home.

Buddha head statues are not just the depictions of the head of the Buddha, but the symbolic as well as spiritual representation of the enlightened one’s wisdom and knowledge. Though there are many depictions and styles of the buddha heads depending on the region of the origin. These statues of a prince turned religious/spiritual leader is rather known to have encoded symbols in them, which were used in a preliterate, oral culture to pass on the messages of the buddha’s teachings and knowledge. The Buddha head statues are normally depicted with curly, short hair, to show that the prince Siddhartha had cut off his topknot in prince-hood and his privileged past. Though the historical accounts and evidence suggest the buddha had a shaved head, the hair of these buddha head statues is neither totally shaved nor long, representing buddha’s path of the middle i.e. Life between the extremes of indulgence and mortification.

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Lord Buddha Face Idol

300.00999.00 (-70%)

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